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The courge in covid

Nomination Form

PLEASE NOTE: Nominations for the 2022 awards will be accepted until 11:59 P.M. April 1, 2022. We apologize but we are unable to accommodate submissions beyond this date.

Nomination Requirements

  1. One complete copy of the nomination package is required, and must be submitted by the deadline (11:59 P.M. on  April 1, 2022) in order to be eligible.
  2. Nominees can be nominated in only one category.
  3. A nominee can be re-nominated in any future year but may only receive a Women of Distinction award once. Should the nominator wish to use a past nomination, a request may be made to YWCA Cambridge to avoid filling out the form again.
  4. Generally, a single recipient is awarded in each category and the Selection Committee reserves the right to withhold an award in any category.
  5. Nominees MUST live and/or work in Cambridge and North Dumfries but may have made their contributions to communities within or beyond the these borders;
  6.  Nominees must NOT be a current member of YWCA Cambridge’s Board of Directors, employee of YWCA Cambridge or member of the Women of Distinction Selection Committee. 
  7. Nominees must support the mission and values of YWCA Cambridge and consent to be nominated.
  8. If nominating a group, please include contact details below for one member of the group that will be the main point of contact

Selection Process

  1. We highly recommend that you record your application information on a Word or text document before submission.
    This will allow you to have a backup copy of the information you have submitted with the application. The information can then be pasted into the form below.
  2. Completed packages must be received by  by 11:59 P.M on April 1, 2022
  3. All nominations will be reviewed by the Women of Distinction Selection Committee, who will choose the award recipient in each category based on the submitted information only. Please be thorough and factual in your submission.
  4. The Committee reserves the right to change the chosen category if they judge, based on the materials provided, a nominee is better suited for another category.
  5. All nomination packages will be treated in strict confidence.
Blue background with Women of Distinction logo. White and orange text reads: Nominate Today!Shine a light on the women and girls who have shown the courage of covid by nominating her for an award category today!!

Celebrating Courage In Covid

In 2022, YWCA Cambridge’s annual Women of Distinction Awards will shine a light on the women in our community who have rolled up their sleeves in response to the pandemic.
This very special ceremony will honour the women who have shown courage in the face of COVID-19 through reimagined award categories highlighting frontline workers, innovators, advocates, change-makers, community champions and everyday heroes.
We know that Covid-19 has affected women disproportionately; more and more women have faced increased economic challenges, rising domestic violence and unbalanced child-care responsibilities, among other challenges. With your help, we will celebrate those that have stepped up to help support our community and inspired us all with their tenacity and strength!

Nominator Contact Information:

Nominee Contact Information:
If nominating a group or collective, please add the contact details for one member of the group below.

Nomination Details:

Supporting Documents:

In order for this nomination to be considered complete, you must include UP TO THREE letters of reference or testimonials from your nominee’s network that highlight the nominee’s achievements/work AND a resume or bio of the nominee. These references could be co-workers, friends, family members, students, etc.). Testimonials can be submitted either as letters or video recordings (videos can be recorded simply on a cell phone but must be smaller than 10MBs). The testimonials should refer to your nominee by name, to their accomplishments and to YWCA Cambridge’s Women of Distinction Awards. Please note that by submitting video testimonials, you and the subject of the video are consenting to them being used for marketing and promotional purposes.
If you have any trouble uploading files, please email them, along with your name, to info@ywcacambridge.ca

Print the 2022 Nomination Form
If preferred, you may download and print a .PDF version of this nomination form and return it in person to YWCA Cambridge at 55 Dickson Street, Cambridge.

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