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    In some cases, YWCA Cambridge may provide families with support to transport participants to programming at The W.
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    Media Consent
    Your child may participate in an event or activity hosted by YWCA Cambridge where photos/video or audio recordings of participants may be taken for the purpose of representing The W in promotional materials for YWCA Cambridge. Guardians with children or youth under the age of 18 must sign this consent form in order to protect the participant's safety and privacy.

    Waivers of Claims (required)
    I consent to allow my child to participate in activities at and hosted by The W and/or YWCA Cambridge. I
    release any legal recourse against The W and YWCA Cambridge and all claims resulting from personal
    injury. In the case of emergency, I authorize The W staff to act on my behalf and transport my child to
    the nearest medical facility by ambulance or taxi at my cost. In the case where participants will be
    traveling to an activity, I am aware that the outings take place off-site from the original drop-off/pickup
    site of The W unless otherwise indicated.

    Parents Guardian Agreements
    This registration form is for information gathering purposes only: upon submission, you will be contacted by a staff of The W to confirm your registration. Please note that because of the demand of some programs and events, submission of this form DOES NOT guarantee a spot in a specific program.

    Punctuality and Attendance
    As a non-profit organization with limited financial resources, many of the free programs and workshops offered at the W require advanced registration and are limited in capacity. As such, I will give The W staff a minimum of 24 hours' notice should my child no longer be able to attend a workshop or program I have registered them for. I understand that punctual attendance to all programming is important for the emotional safety of both my child and for fellow group participants.

    Pick-up Procedures (required)
    For the safety of my child, I agree to inform the W Staff if my child is to be picked up by someone who is not identified on her Registration Form. I also acknowledge that the person picking up my child must be visible to the W Staff and sign my child out of the Centre. Furthermore, I agree to arrive or arrange for pick-up of my child at the scheduled finish time for events, workshops and programs. Should this pick-up
    time need to be altered, I will give The W staff advanced notice. In the event that my child's transportation may be running late, I will call the W to alert staff. I understand that should no one arrive after one hour has past the scheduled pick-up time, and W staff have
    not heard from you, The W staff may call Family and Children's Services.

    How Can You Make a Difference?

    YWCA Cambridge works with some of the most marginalized cis and trans women & girls and non-binary and two-spirit individuals in our community. Through leadership, advocacy and program and service delivery, we can make a real impact in this community one life at a time. But we need your help.

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