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Giving a voice to the needs of cis and trans women and girls and non-binary and two-spirit individuals through innovative and responsive programs, services and advocacy.

YWCA Cambridge is an association by, for and about cis and trans women and girls and non-binary and two-spirit individuals. As a member agency of YWCA Canada, we are part of a national movement that is the country’s largest and oldest women’s multi-service organization. Our team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to improve the lives of the participants we serve and to act as a leading voice of social justice advocacy in our community.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Christina Vigna headshot

Christine Vigna, President

Sue Sturdy headshot

Sue Sturdy, Past President

Amy Willard-Brown, Vice President

Darlene Sigel, Treasurer

Victoria Clark, Secretary

Kim Decker, Executive Director

Valerie Pollard

Norma McDonald-Ewing headshot

Norma McDonald-Ewing

Meagan Swan

Megan Lambe

Sarah Daly

Lauren Reny

Jess Hewitt

Ailish McIntyre

Becoming a Director:

Do you have a passion for building equal and tolerant communities? If so, let us know! Contact us today Email link to

Meet Our Team

Kim Decker Headshot

Kim Decker, CEO

519-267-6444 Ext 231

Mary Wright, Director of Finance & Administration Roots of Empathy Coordinator

519-267-6444 Ext 226

Roz Gunn headshot

Rosalind (Roz) Gunn, Director of Communications & Advocacy

519-267-6444 Ext 224

Kristina Lyman headshot

Kristina Lyman, Director of Child Care services

519-267-6444 Ext. 222

Caroline Barker headshot

Caroline Barker, Director of Philanthropy

519-267-6444 Ext 225

Kristen Goudet headshot

Kristen Gaudet, Graphic Designer, WIGG Coordinator


Karen Manning, Inclusion Facilitator

519-267-6444 Ext 223

Kim Whalen headshot

Kim Whalen, Supervisor, St. Elizabeth Child Care

519-654-9366 Ext 237

Gillian Scott, Director of Summer Camp
Supervisor, LINC Preschool

519-622-6951 (LINC Preschool) 519-267-6444 Ext. 228 (Summer Camp inquiries)

Wendy Gilchrist, Supervisor, Ryerson Child Care

519-653-0746 Ext 241

Brenda Davis, Supervisor, St. Margaret Child Care


Fatma El Hefney headshot

Fatma El Hefney, Assistant Supervisor, St. Margaret Child Care


Laura Einwechter, Assistant Supervisor, St. Elizabeth Child Care


Katrina O'Brien, Assistant Supervisor, Ryerson Child Care


Kate Taylor headshot

Kate Taylor, Director of Programs

519-622-9960 Ext 229

Headshot of Shannon Thoms

Shannon Thoms, Outreach Coordinator


Sara Hohenadel, Small Steps to Success Program Coordinator

519-622-9960 Ext 234

headshot of Terr MacDonald

Terra MacDonald, Outreach Coordinator

519-622-9960 Ext 235

Tara Kleinsteuber headshot

Tara Kleinsteuber, Youth Program and Volunteer Coordinator

519-622-9960 Ext 233

Sam Germann headshot

Samantha Germann, Program Coordinator

519-622-9960 Ext 232

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