Our Programs

Our Programs

Providing free programs, designed for and by participants, with the goal of creating gender equity and reducing gender-based violence.


Youth Programming

Providing gender-based violence prevention programming to youth ages 8-14 years old.

Employment Services

Providing pre-employment programs and specialized employment training opportunities for cis and trans women, non-binary and Two-Spirit individuals.

Who We Work With

Participant-led programming at YWCA Cambridge serves cis and trans women and girls, non-binary and Two-Spirit individuals. To help identify who participates in programming read through the descriptions below:

Cis woman/girl: Cis-woman/girl is used to describe someone whose gender identity corresponds with their sex assigned at birth. This person was a woman/girl at birth and still identifies as a woman/girl. 

Trans woman/girl: Someone who lives as a woman/girl today but was thought to be a man/boy when she was born. 

Non-binary: Non-binary is used to describe someone who is not a part of the gender binary and does not identify with any specific gender. This is a gender identity that is more than just male or female. 

Two-spirit: Two-spirit is used to describe an Indigenous way of encompassing cultural, spiritual, sexual, and gender identity. This is someone who identifies as having both a masculine and feminine spirit.

Let’s Make A Difference Together

Volunteers are the heart of what we do. By being so generous with their time, skills, passion and creativity, our team of dedicated volunteers are our advocates and allies in this work to support and embolden cis and trans women & girls, non-binary and Two-Spirit individuals and advocate for equality.

The W

Welcome to The W Programming Centre, located in the heart of downtown Cambridge at 101-20 Dickson Street. In this space, YWCA Cambridge provides supportive, inclusive and participant-led programs for cis and trans women and girls, non-binary and Two-Spirit individuals. All programs are geared toward the needs of participants, with overarching themes such as health and wellness, bodily integrity, social activism, empowerment, STEM learning and pre-employment and mentoring.

This space is home to our pre-employment and employment upskilling programs, financial literacy programs, youth programs, summer camps, workshops and so much more! 

With your support, we can change lives.

Roots of Empathy

YWCA Cambridge has been working with Roots of Empathy since 2007. To date, we have worked with thousands of students, and hundreds of teachers, families, and instructors. Currently, we operate almost 100 programs in the Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph communities, across four school boards.

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