Rosalind Gunn

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Why We Hold A Conference On Equity, And Why You Should Come

I heard once that for years and years there can be these barely perceptible shifts, and then one day, bam. Earthquake. I saw this conference like that: a way for all these community members with different lived experiences to come together and for us all to collectively tear down barriers still hindering so many of our neighbours. I needed it to be like that.

A black and white close-up of Lisa, side view. She's wearing a black scarf over her hair.

Big Changes Start with Small Steps

Many of the women in the group are survivors, coming from many different walks of life and backgrounds, all suffering loss on some level, drawn together by circumstance, driven by purpose. In the program, we are encouraged and given the opportunity to share as much or as little as we want. But we learn quickly that we are not alone on our journeys.

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