Month: June 2019

Do You See Me?

So, rather than asking “do you see me?” in the physical sense, I ask “would you think of me?” Would you think of me the next time someone says “we don’t have Indigenous people around here”? This is a question I want you to keep in your heart.

A recent close-up of Tara's face

Reconciliation: See Me; Hear Me; Understand Me

Today, on National Indigenous Peoples Day, we’re launching a mini blog series from guest blogger and YWCA Cambridge employee Tara Kleinsteuber exploring Truth and Reconciliation and her own story of moving through the world as an Indigenous person. Before I attended YWCA Canada’s Annual Membership Meeting, I was told how powerful the movement was, and …

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Pride rainbow flag blowing in the wind against the sky

Be Proud, but Stay Loud

Despite all the progressive policies in Canada today, there are still so many risks to being anything but cisgendered and heterosexual and out. According to Statistics Canada 2014 General Social Survey, “for every 1,000 cisgendered, heterosexual Canadians, 69 reported they had been the victim of either sexual assault, physical assault or robbery. That number jumps to 142 for lesbian and gay Canadians and is even higher for bisexual Canadians at 267.

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