*Please note four year olds must have attended JK in 2018/2019 to be eligible for the camp program.

Camper Information:

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Parent/Guardian Information:

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Emergency Contact (if parents cannot be reached):

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Camp Registration: In order to maximize the camp experience part time is not available.
Camp runs Monday-Friday (except holidays) from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Extended Care is available for additional costs between 7:30-9:00 a.m. and 4:00-5:00 p.m. (see below)

Week 1-July2-5
Week 2-July 8-12
Week2/3-July 8-19 Two weeks of fun filled learning with the Counsellors. Followed by opportunity to volunteer at camp.
Week 3–July 15-19
Week 4–July 22-26
Week 5-July 29-Aug 2
Week 6–Aug 6-9Civic Holiday-Aug 6
Week 7–Aug 12-16
Week 8-Aug 19-23 T-Shirt Youth Size. T-shirt provided must be worn every day

** Cancellations made without one week’s notice will be charged a 50% administration fee. All other cancellations will be charged 10% of the fee. Single day refunds will not be issued.


We want your camper to enjoy their time at camp. Please provide us with the following information so that we can make her/his camp experience great. Information will remain strictly confidential.
Please check ALL THAT APPLY

Please check words that best describe your child (required):

Please indicate if your camper has any of the following (required):


Vision or Hearing (required)

Mobility (required)

ADHD (required)


1. Photography:
I give permission for the YWCA to take photographs of my camper for the purpose of promotion and publicity of YWCA programs and services.

2. Camp Readiness:
It is the intention of staff to provide a fun, safe camp experience for every child. Camp staff have been trained in a variety of behaviour management techniques to encourage positive behaviour and self-discipline. In instances where a child is causing harm to themselves or to someone else or engaging in unsafe behaviour, staff may be required to intervene or remove the child from the situation.
In order to support the success and safety of all campers, it is important that campers are “Camp Ready.” The following criterion has been developed:

  • Camper is able to take direction and instruction from a staff member
  • Camper is comfortable in and able to interact in a group environment
  • Camper is able to participate in the camp program
  • Camper is able to attend school successfully
  • Camper interacts and participates in camp in a manner that is safe for themselves and others.
  • Camper is able to participate in the camp program

Campers that are attending a program and who are not demonstrating that they are “camp ready” may be withdrawn from the camp at the discretion of the Camp Director and/or the Director of Child Care Services.

3. Waiver of Claims:
I consent to allow my child to participate in the YWCA summer day camp program. I release any legal recourse against the YWCA and all claims resulting from personal injury. In the case of emergency, I authorize the YWCA to act on my behalf and transport my child to the nearest medical facility by ambulance or taxi at my cost. I understand that summer camps are nut-aware and I will refrain from including nut products in my child’s snacks and lunches.
I further understand that:

  • Camper’s Cooking and Survival Camp involve use of fire.
  • Adventure’s on the Water involves canoeing and rafting down the Grand River.
  • Outrageous Outings involves taking a school bus to a different off site field trip daily that includes but is not limited to physical activity such as rock climbing, mountain biking, use of water parks, swimming pools.

4. YWCA Day Camp Health and Emergency Procedures:

  1. If your camper becomes ill while at camp the staff will call you at the numbers listed on this Registration Form to come and pick them up. The decision to call will be based on the best interest of the camper as well as the health of the other campers. Please note that campers who have any of the following signs/symptoms will not be allowed to stay at camp: undiagnosed rash, vomiting, diarrhea or high fever.
  2. If your camper has a minor accident, the staff will administer emergency first aid and inform you of the incident upon your arrival. Should the Camp Director decide your camper would be better off at home they will contact you to come and pick up your camper before the end of the day.
  3. If your camper has an injury deemed more serious, they may be transported immediately by ambulance or taxi to the hospital at your cost. You will be called and asked to meet us there.
  4. It is YWCA policy to notify a parent by phone when a child sustains an injury to the head.

5. Summer Safety:

  1. This is an outdoor camp and campers often experience changes in the weather over their day. Please send extra clothes for rainy, damp days as well as a jacket/sweatshirt. Dressing your camper in layers will usually optimize comfort throughout the day.
  2. Running shoes only at camp please-sandals are not safe.
  3. Please send bug spray, lip balm and sun screen; labeling clearly with the camper’s name.
  4. Please apply sunscreen before leaving your camper for the day. We will remind them to reapply after swimming and before the afternoon program under our supervision.
  5. Staff/volunteers will assist four - five year olds in their application of sunscreen.
  6. Programs are planned to allow for low energy, quiet activities in shady areas during the hottest time of the day.
  7. Campers and Counselors must wear sun hats at all times.
  8. Campers and Counselors must wear a t-shirt while swimming.

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